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How to Install Microsoft Edge on Windows Server 2019


You probably know by now that Internet Explorer, although supported, is not recommended by Microsoft. Fortunately, the current version 11 will be the last version of Internet Explorer and the world will be a better place. Unless you have disabled automatic updates, you may already have the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge installed on your computer. However, if you don’t, I recommend you update your web browser to the new Microsoft Edge as soon as possible on every Windows computer…..Windows 10 clients and Windows Servers.

CAUTION! For security reasons, I don’t recommend surfing the web on a Windows Server. It can potentially expose not only your server but possibly the entire network to cyberattacks. The instructions in this article are provided for situations where you must use the web browser on your Windows Server to access the Internet. If you need to manually download a Windows Update for Windows Server, you should use a Windows 10 workstation to download the Windows Update and then copy the file to the server.

If you want to learn whether you should be using the new Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as your default browser on your computer, check out my article Should You Replace Google Chrome with Microsoft Edge as Your Default Browser?

Downloading Edge Using Internet Explorer

If you try to download the new Microsoft Edge on a Windows Server today, this is what’s likely to happen. You don’t need to follow my instructions in this section because you won’t be able to install Microsoft Edge. I just want to show you what you may run into and also want to document the information for those who have already tried it and are looking for a solution.

If you simply go to Microsoft’s website on a Windows Server and try and upgrade to the new Microsoft Edge, you’re likely to see the following screen.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

You’ll have to click Allow at the prompt Do you want to allow this website to open an app on your computer? or else you won’t be able to proceed.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

Then you will see a message You’ll need a new app to open this microsoft-edge, but the OK button will be disabled. Oh, so you noticed too? Apparently one of the Microsoft developers didn’t realize that Microsoft should be spelled with an uppercase M.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

With the OK button disabled, obviously you can’t download Microsoft Edge using Internet Explorer.

NOTE: I don’t recommend enabling Active Scripting (formerly known as ActiveX Scripting) in Internet Explorer as a workaround to install any software on your Windows Server, even if Active Scripting is enabled only for a few minutes, because it makes your server vulnerable to cyberattacks.

As a best practice, avoid using the Internet Explorer on any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) because it’s not a secure web browser and poses many security risks. Microsoft recommends using the new Microsoft Edge browser instead.

Let’s go to Plan B and look at other options.

Other Options

As I mentioned earlier, you should avoid surfing the Internet on a Windows Server. If you are wondering then why am I showing you how to install another web browser on a Windows Server, it’s because I don’t want you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. You’ll be better off using the new chromium-based Edge, instead of the Internet Explorer, on any Windows-based computer.

Because Internet Explorer can’t be used to install the new Microsoft Edge on Windows Server 2019, you have at least a couple of options.

  1. Install the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge for business, rather than Microsoft Edge (preferred option).
  2. Install a third-party browser (e.g. Brave, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Let’s look at these two options.

OPTION #1 – Install Microsoft Edge for Business (preferred option)

There is very little difference between the new Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge for business. For the most part they are similar, except that the latter is Microsoft Edge that can be used for business. In fact, if you go the Microsoft Edge for business page, you won’t find any explanation as to why you should use Microsoft Edge for business, instead of Microsoft Edge, in a business environment. It does say that

Here’s how you can install the new Microsoft Edge on Windows Server 2019.

In Internet Explorer, go to and select the link Download Edge Today. This is the option I recommend because it is the simplest, easiest, and more secure than option #2.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

Select the channel/version, build, platform, and then click Download.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

If you plan to install Edge on other Windows Servers then select Save, so you can copy the file to other servers. Otherwise, select Run to install only on your current server.

Updating Microsoft Edge on Windows Server

If you selected Run, your installation will start. Otherwise, go to the location where you saved the executable file and start the installation. You can Close the above browser window as it’s no longer needed.

OPTION #2 – Install a Third-Party Browser

I don’t recommend this option because the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge is one of the best, most secure, and reliable web browsers available for Windows 10 clients and Windows Servers. However, if for some reason you are either unable to install the new Microsoft Edge or don’t want to, then install either Brave (preferred) or Chrome. Keep in mind, Google Chrome is not fully supported on Windows Server and it is a memory hog not only on Windows 10, but also on macOS.

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  1. Active scripting is disabled by default in IE for Windows Server 2019. This prevents the buttons on any of the download pages from working (frustrating!!!). Go to Internet Options –> Security tab and create a Custom Level with Active Scripting enabled and you’ll be able to use the download pages in this article. Hope this helps…

  2. @Peter: Thank you for your feedback. There is a reason why Active Scripting (formerly known as ActiveX Scripting) is not allowed in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Only the defunct Internet Explorer (IE) allows Active Scripting and ActiveX Controls. Microsoft encourages users to use the new Edge and stay away from IE. ActiveX is an old technology that poses many security risks. Among other things, it allows an attacker to gain control of your computer, install malware, and collect data about you as explained in this Microsoft article.

    There are dozens of websites on the Internet that show the readers how to enable Active Scripting in Internet Explorer without explaining the consequences and the security risks associated with it. As I’ve explained in my article, avoid using IE to browse the web, especially on a Windows Server. I’ve updated my article to address the Active Scripting issue. Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback.

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