Allowing External Users to Join Your Skype for Business Meetings

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13 Responses

  1. Peter Clines says:

    You are a savior, this solved a huge issue I had on using Skype for Business in my organization.

    Thank you!

  2. Zubair Alexander says:

    Hi Peter, I am glad the solution worked for you.

  3. Adrian says:

    Excellent post, many thanks for the clear explanation.
    If you have a mailing list, please add me to it.

  4. Zubair Alexander says:

    Thanks Adrian. You can subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed and get automatic emails when I post a new article. For those who are not familiar with adding RSS feed to Outlook, check out this link. If you are interested in attending my free Webinars, feel free to sign up at


  5. Keith says:

    THANK YOU!!! I just starting testing our Skype for Business and ran into this issue. It resolved the issue. I now have to discover a way to streamline meeting setups using this solution.

  6. Rajesh says:

    Thank you Zubair. This was a lifesaver. Wish the MS support info presented this as clearly with the caveats.

  7. Zubair Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing your feedback, Rajesh. Glad to hear the information was helpful.

  8. Mike Fitzpatrick says:

    Skype for business is a piece of ****. We’ve instructed everyone to use Skype proper instead of the failed Microsoft Messenger/Lync since you can’t talk to anyone outside your group. Sounds very Microsofty doesn’t it – you MUST use our email servers and our old useless software and force everyone else to use it as well. Well no, Microsoft. We’ll drop you and use something more contemporary.

  9. Pavan Jain says:

    Hi Zubair,
    Is there a way to extract the sip uri info from the link so that other sip client compatible of working with skype for business can join?

  10. Aravindan S says:

    Is it possible to add “?sl=1” automatically while creating a Skype meeting?

  11. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Aravindan. I am not aware of a way to add it when the meeting is created.

  12. Tom Murphy says:

    Install the latest SfB client. The December 2016 release updated the Outlook plug-in, and now automatically injects a normal meeting link, and another to the web app. It works great.

  13. Steve Taylor says:

    This article is helpful and clear but it is written in Feb 2016. Is the need to place ?SL= still relevant?

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