Use AVG AntiVirus App to Locate, Lock, Unlock, or Wipe Your Android Device Remotely

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  1. Vikram says:

    I forget my AVG anti-theft password. How can I know my password? My phone is locked and anti-theft Web site couldn’t change my password. Thank you.

  2. Zubair Alexander says:


    Follow these steps.
    1. Go to the link in Step 4 (
    2. Click on the blue Anti-Theft login button to login with your Google account that is linked with AVG. Obviously, your phone must already be registered. Registration can be accomplished from the phone using the AVG app. Instructions are available on the Support page of the AVG Web site mentioned above.
    3. Click on Unlock tab and click Next. Your device will be unlocked.
    4. If you don’t know your anti-theft password you can change it to a new password on the Anti-Theft Password tab.

    Good luck.

  3. Dracopsylocke says:

    I am unable to register my phone using the AVG Anti Theft app. I get an error message stating, “Check device internet connectivity and try again.” Of course, my internet connection is up and running perfectly. How else would I be able to research then download the app in the first place. LOL!!! How can I get the app to detect internet connectivity so that I can take advantage of this AVG security feature?

  4. Simon Letebele says:

    I activated my anti-theft lock without creating the password for it and now my device wants the password which I don’t know and when I go to the Web site and create the password it says my phone is offline or switched off which is not and I can’t even use my phone now. Please help.

  5. Rissa says:


    If your phone was locked with the anti theft, enter only the first 6 digits of your password. This worked on my phone today. Hope it helps.

  6. Zubair Alexander says:


    Thanks for your suggestion. As I mentioned in my article, the password must be between 4-6 English letters and/or numbers. Unfortunately, your password is going to be fairly week but I guess that’s what you get for a free tool :).

    There are several people that are not following the instructions and do not write down their password. Then they lock themselves out of their cell phones. My advice is to follow the instructions exactly and be very careful when you use similar security tools. Don’t try locking the cell phone as your first test. Try sending a Shout first and make sure you are able to login to your Google account and you know your password before trying other features.

  7. Solomon Eruru says:

    I drew a wrong unlock pattern on my LG970 phone and it has been locked, all effort to unlock it was not successful as the phone doesn’t recognize my Google account but I can still log on to my account with the same Gmail account on computers and other phone. What do I do?

  8. Zubair Alexander says:

    Solomon, I am not sure what you mean by “the phone doesn’t recognize my Google account.” If your phone is locked how are you logging to your Google account on your phone? If you used AVG to lock your cell phone, it uses a temporary password that has nothing to do with any other password on your device or Gmail account. Did you visit the AVG’s Anti-Theft Web page as I mentioned in step 4?

  9. Sneha says:

    I tried following step 4 but it says no device is registered. Also can you please explain how to enticed the password which was initially entered while activating the anti theft when I actually forgot it and have locked the phone? Please help. Since it shows no device registered I am worried if I’ll be able to unlock it. Thanks.

  10. Sneha says:

    I did it.. Thanks.. My phone just took some time to reflect change :).

  11. Kgotso Maphanga says:

    Hi, I also forgot my password and have tried numerous times to unlock it remotely using the Unlock option on the website but I get an error message saying my phone has no coverage or is offline, it’s very much disappointing that one can only unlock a device if its Wi-Fi has been enabled or has Data coverage of which that can only be possible if I did switch on that Wi-FI/Data. Can this option be relooked?

  12. Varun says:

    I forgot my password for AVG antitheft. I tried to enter my registered mail ID ( in AVG’s website but it is showing my mail ID is not registered in their database. I am helpless. Kindly help me to unlock my phone. My mobile number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  13. Zubair Alexander says:

    Varun, if you locked your phone using the Lock option as explained in Step 8, the password you used is a temporary password and has nothing to do with any other password on your device or Gmail account. You have to remember the password or else you can’t unlock it. If you registered your device using Gmail and can’t login then you may have used a different Gmail account to register your device. Unfortunately, I am unable to help you if you can’t remember your password or if your device is not registered with AVG. You should contact AVG support to see if they can help you. I have updated the article to include “Getting Help from AVG” section.

  14. Sunil says:

    Hi, I purchased new Moto E and installed AVG antivirus and configured Anti-theft feature. After rebooting and it is asking for password and after entering the password it is not accepting.

    I have tried many time the same password to unlock the mobile which was while configuring the anti-theft and its not accepting it.

    Request you to help and un-lock the mobile.

  15. yvette samantha fenner says:

    I recently lost my Samsung Galaxy Star or rather it was stolen, was not locked at the time since I was distracted and forgot to do so. I had a free version of AVG antivirus installed linked to my Samsung and Google accounts but when I try to access my phone remotely I am told that I did not register any device. How do I track my phone or shutdown my device? Please help!!!

  16. Engela Steenberg says:

    Please help me, my phone has been locked by AVG anti-theft after my son put his sim card in my phone – Samsung S3.
    AVG unlocked the phone, but I can only get to after I put in my pin then it asks for a password. I have tried my Gmail, service provider, Samsung and AVG passwords, but nothing happens. Someone from my service provider phoned me and gave me a master pin, but that doesn’t work either.

  17. Olga says:

    I forget my AVG anti-theft password and my phone is locked and anti-theft Web site couldn’t change my password. Help. Thank you.

  18. Chantal says:

    I lost my phone and AVG cant seems to locate it.

  19. Lepheana Romeo says:

    my phone was stolen 2 days ago and i found it my anti-virus password dsnt work enymor my phone is locked plz halp me;(…..

  20. Raj Aryan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I lost my Samsung Galaxy Core IMEI No. 357089051744912 in Ranchi,Jharkhand @06:PM on 16th may’14.
    Pl do help me to find it ASAP. By AVG i found this details but unable to locate always says ” Warning Location cannot be retrieved from the device, please click on the locate button again in a few minutes.”

    Name : GT-I8262 edit
    ID : 09a3119a5a
    Email :
    Version : OS 4.1.2 | Antivirus Version 3.3.3
    Type : GT-I8262

  21. Sachin says:

    Hi, I wiped my phone accidentally and I lost all data. How can I restore my phone data? Please help me.

  22. Sathyam says:

    Pls give me the unlock password or pattern to when I had changed the sim from my samsung from my (GT S 6102 Model) mobile. This change will charged 3Rs. Pls save me from this non useful charges. I had already approached the customer care for mobile Networks and samsung customer care.

    I didnt remember that I have activated the AVG Mobile Anti theft…or not. so pls consider my request and save me…Thank you.

  23. Malintze says:

    By accident I Removed the sim card from my phone, when I realized was late I forgot to UNcheck, the anti-theft service from AVG and fast got locked. I unlocked but still locked asking for a password, I unlocked and went back to lock, due to removed time card once again, I tried hard, and nothing I ereased data, the worser its the AVG telling me its not register. I am wondering.. how can I get back my phone, gmail, Android ID and password won’t work. Please help. Thanks any how.

  24. Zubair Alexander says:

    Sunil, Yvette, Engela, Olga, Lepheana, Raj, Sachin, Sathyam, and Malintze:

    Please read the last section of the article “Getting Help from AVG.” You can also read the comments from other readers and my response to them.

  25. Malintze says:

    Zubair Alexander, thanks for your time in answering back. Have a great day. Now I am going to read.

  26. Abhishek says:

    Hello, I am From India. I too locked my phone by AVG and my password was not accepted by the lock but then I realized the password must be only 6 letters(max) long and I have been trying a password which was 8 letters long so only first 6 letters were accepted, I finally unlocked it. So I decided if anyone has same problem then this could be one of possible solutions.

  27. Zubair Alexander says:

    Abhishek, thanks for your comments. I have already mentioned in my article that the password that you provide to lock the device can only be 4-6 English letters and/or numbers. Sometimes it’s easy to over look that when you are in a panic and are desperately trying to unlock your phone.

  28. Diwash Joshi says:

    I removed my sim in Nepal and I am at India now. My device has been locked so that I cant use Indian sim. Plz help how to unlock my device. Plz plz plz plz plz help me fast.

  29. Annette says:

    I brought a new phone took my Sim card out of my old phone and put it in my new phone. My daughter put her Sim card in my old phone. Now I can’t get into my old phone because avg thinks its stolen. The screen comes up with unlock password from avg when I turn it on but I can’t remember it. What to do please help.

  30. Zubair Alexander says:

    Diwash & Annette, please follow the instructions in the section “Getting Help from AVG.”

  31. HEMANT RAJ says:

    HELLO SIR I FORGOT MY AVG ANTI THEFT PASSWORD AND MY DEVICE IS NOKIA XL AND DEVICE IS NOT REGISTRD WHEN M REGISRER DIVICE THEN THIS MASSEGE SHOW (Sorry, your device, Nokia_XL, cannot be controlled using the Anti-Theft web site. You can also operate the Anti-Theft service by sending text messages (SMS) to your device, for more info click here )

  32. Zubair Alexander says:

    Hemant, please follow the instructions in the section “Getting Help from AVG.”

  33. Jenn says:

    I lost my tecno phantom Z today. I have the IMEI number but don’t know how to track it. Kindly help.

  34. Mohamed Asath says:

    My mobile model Huawei U8800pro, iam change to sim my mobile but phone to open my mobile

  35. Declan says:

    Thanks for share AVG Help ……….
    More info AVG Customer Service Call us 1-855-205-0915.

  36. Shah Hussain Ansari says:

    Dear Sir, I have forgotten my AVG anti-theft password for Samsung Galaxy. Please help me.

  37. Ethan says:

    AVG Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number is 1-855-205-0915. Call us.

  38. Brian says:

    Hi, I registered my 4n with AVG anti-theft and it got stolen. When I try locating it it doesn’t show up. Can AVG assist me get my MEI number because I have misplaced it.

  39. Shraban Das says:

    Sir, I’m using AVG pro version for my android phone. I just forgot the “App Lock” password. Please help on this.

  40. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Shah, Brian, Shraban: Please read the last section of the article titled “Getting Help from AVG.” You can also contact AVG’s customer number at the email and phone number listed in the article.

  41. Sesam says:

    Forgot my avg password.

  42. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Sesam…..please read my article and follow instructions in the section “Getting Help from AVG.”

  43. Anuj Dey says:

    My Android phone is Micromex a106. I forget my AVG password. Now what should I do?

  44. Zubair Alexander says:


    Please follows the instructions in the article.

  45. Tabby says:

    It seam that AVG already stop the anti thief program. I try to tract my phone but always receiving the warning “we couldn’t send the request to your device, please try again later”
    Please instruct me how to fix it.

  46. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Tabby. I have updated the URL and their phone number. Please try the new number.

  47. Tabby says:

    Dear Zubair Alexander,
    I don’t understand what you mean. Please instruct me how can I fix the error “we couldn’t send the request to your device, please try again later”

  48. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Tabby. Please follow the instructions in the last section “Getting Help from AVG.”

  49. Tom says:

    Lost my phone but all it say is-
    Warning Location cannot be retrieved from the device, please click on the locate button again in a few minutes.

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