How to Change the Host Header of a MOSS Site

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3 Responses

  1. Sharee says:

    Your blogs on AAM and host headers are great. I was able to follow them and demonstrate this to a client. Thanks.

  2. Tejas says:

    Hi Zubair,
    I am not able to change a site’s name from http://server_name:port to http://server_name. Any suggestions??

  3. Zubair Alexander says:

    If a site requires a port number (other than the default port 80) then you must type the port number at the end of the URL.

    There are at least three ways to host multiple sites on the same Web server:
    1. Use a different IP address for each site.
    2. Use a different port number for each site.
    3. Use host headers to host multiple sites on a single IP address using default port 80 for all the sites.
    One limitation of using host headers is that you can’t use SSL with all of them. However, you can use a wildcard to host multiple sites with host headers and use SSL.

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