Zubair Alexander’s Student Testimonials

Zubair Alexander - Microsoft Certified Trainer  Zubair Alexander - Microsoft MVP Award Recipient for 12 years

Student testimonials:

“I am a grizzled battle­scarred SharePoint veteran. I have thousand questions and puzzles that no PhD or Microsoft support dev has ever been able to answer. Few even understood. This instructor did, first one ever to do so out of several SharePoint classes. He addressed so many issues that had been a dead end up to now that I am eternally grateful. My company and I directly benefit from me having a demonstrable issue we can resolve.

I have had over a decade of the best training money can buy. More instructors and certifications than I can count. The one thing that is rare and valuable, is an instructor who knows the trenches. That was all bonus, impressed me far beyond any hope. Despite the rushed and inauspicious nature of my attending, I have been *thrilled* to have had the pleasure and benefit from this class. I knew this would be mostly review for me. I figured I’d pick up a few bits of wisdom and see that my support trainee was getting all the concepts. My expectations were mediocre. He blew me away with several insights you can only get by experiencing them. That to me is far above any expectation I had. Zubair amazed me by knowing things that only a hands-on, die-hard expert could no. The kinds of things Microsoft doesn’t even know about its product. He addressed some of my trickiest issues not even realizing he had… That alone launched him well out of Instructor-land and into godlike territory… He is second of two that managed that in twenty years, and he left #1 in the dust by day three.”
Lockheed Martin

The instructor is cream of the crop! Superb organization, preparedness, and delivery significantly enhanced learning environment. Likewise, instructor’s knowledge of course subject is outstanding! Instructor Zubair is a “prime time player” and he’s one of the best in the business…I can’t laud him enough!
Whatcom Medical Bureau

“Zubair exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor – he’s better than most university professors. Zubair added material above and beyond the standard course materials. I was extremely pleased to receive this extra information which was very useful. He has a phenomenal level of expertise on every IT topic imaginable, including the subjects covered in the course. It is obvious he takes tremendous pride in his abilities & knowledge, and he is extremely effective at communicating, teaching, and sharing information related to this course. Based solely on this class, I am motivated to take additional classes, especially from Zubair.”
Microsoft Corporation

Zubair is the best instructor I have ever had. You can’t possibly be paying him what he is worth. Zubair was able to make up for the deficiencies in courseware. Zubair is a Master Instructor. Very patient and professional.
Lane County RIS, Oregon

“Zubair is an awesome instructor. I don’t think I would take a class if not taught by Zubair. Modules covered very thorough. This was a great week, I learned lots of new information with real-life examples and solutions. Zubair knows this subject inside & out. What a treat to have an instructor that enjoys the topics he is teaching.”

“Zubair is the only instructor I will take my classes from because he is the BEST. Zubair Rocks!”
Microsoft Corporation

“The great Zubair is without peer. He is the best instructor I have had in 14 ATEC courses.”

“Zubair is probably the BEST instructor I’ve ever had in my 15 years in IS!”
AT&T Wireless

“Zubair is amazing…true definition of Guru!”
Securitas Security Services

I wish there were level 10 for the instructor. Mr. Alexander is in a class all unto himself with his knowledge and presentation of Microsoft material. His million dollar tips are worthy of their name. He talks to me at my level to improve my knowledge until I can understand it closer to his level.
Domain Travel, Inc.

“Zubair is an absolutely excellent educator and communicator. In a class full of quite bright folks his knowledge and skill set rose above ours and helped myself and the entire class to grasp the new concepts coming out of Microsoft and AD. Unlike other MCT’s I’ve had, Zubair asked for questions often and frequently. Two other SE’s from my company have attended the same class at diff. training centers and I came away with the most knowledge and breadth of understanding. In fact they both were quite jealous of me when we spoke during the week.”
DPE Systems, Inc.

“Zubair was amazing, he not only understands the concepts thoroughly, but also presented it well. I look forward for classes taught by him in the future.”

“As I take more and more classes with various instructors, I am able to better judge the relative merits of a variety of instructors. Zubair is head and shoulder above the rest.”
Seattle Police Department

Zubair is a great instructor, best class I have ever taken….Zubair explains concepts extremely well and relates them to the areas we need. Excellent job!
San Juan County

“Zubair is a great instructor. He makes what could be dry material very interesting and accessible. Great class!.”
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“Extremely knowledgeable. I want him for every class.”
Microsoft Corporation

“Mr. Alexander was one of the most knowledgeable instructors of any course I have ever taken. He conveyed his passion for teaching and technology during each and every block of instruction. His professionalism and attitude toward every student speaks volumes to his character and his ability to instruct.”
U.S. Army

“I thought the knowledge and help were exceptional and I have had many course from a variety of instructors. He has been the best by far. I have not given high marks to any instructor until now.”
San Juan County

“What can I say – it’s Zubair!”
Volt Computer

Great instructor! I have been to many technical classes and this was taught by one of the best instructors I have known.
U.S. Army

“Zubair does a great job. Just keep it up to the standards he has attained. He was very sensitive to the needs of the students in the class and took time to give us the info we wanted and needed. Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Zubair.”
DIS, State of Washington

“Zubair was great. Great depth to his knowledge beyond the course materials & beyond just W2K. He was great at making himself available – it was obvious he really cared about the student’s learning.”
Microsoft Corporation

“I really enjoyed having Zubair as an instructor. His knowledge of the subject was amazing. Lots of helpful tips and tricks.”

“Zubair proved he was very knowledgeable in the course material and it helped with the course. He was very concerned that we were learning things that would be beneficial to us. He always used excellent examples. He would challenge students to ensure we understood the material. The instructor stayed after class to assist with questions. I would take courses from Zubair again.”
The Polaris Group

“Zubair is THE BEST instructor I’ve ever had and I’ve been in the business for over 15 years. Zubair brought up real world examples. The course typically stays in a more theoretical realm.”
AT&T Wireless

“Zubair is an incredibly talented teacher, with in depth knowledge of the materials & IS industry. I look forward to learning from him in the future.”
Vulcan Northwest

“Zubair is a natural! He is very sensitive to the needs and personalities in the class, while having the knowledge and experience of the products. I learn easily and completely from Zubair. His style of teaching fits my style of learning. Also, the extra resources Zubair himself supplies will help me on an on going bases, ex: technical web sites, etc…. white papers, and a bunch of others.”
DIS, State of Washington

“The instructor was very knowledgeable in this subject. He was the best instructor I have had in an ATEC.”

“Genuinely the most knowledgeable and effective instructor I’ve taken a course from.”
Alaska Energy Authority

“Zubair is one of the best instructors I have ever had.”
UniSen, Inc.

“Mr. Alexander worked hard to tailor the class to meet the requirements of our company. His ability to use real world examples made the class worthwhile.”
U.S. Army

“Best instructor I have had to date.”
Cambridge Technology Partners

“Very tolerant of less knowledgable attendees who asked questions that had just been answered on items just explained. Showed some examples over and over until student understood concept without boring the rest of the class waiting for them to catch up. Some very advanced users and some not so much but instructor didn’t sigh or roll his eyes once.”
Veterans Administration

“Zubair was top notch. I was impressed with his teaching style and knowledge base.”
Port of Seattle

“The best instructor I have had. Zubair is the BEST.”
Airborne Express

“Zubair is the most knowledgeable instructor I have had at any of your courses (this is my sixth). You are lucky to have him.”
DSHS – State of Washington

“Zubair is the master! Very knowledgeable! I tried to recruit him to become a TAM! :)”
Microsoft Corporation

“While I’ve had talented instructors in the past, none as valuable as Zubair. He has a wealth of information which he shares beyond what he is simply paid to offer.”
City of Seattle Police